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What Factors Are Dependable to Consider While Purchasing Property


Purchasing property or buying a home is everyone’s desire but making a significant decision is not easy. Homes are not like clothes which you can change daily. Purchasing a home is a tough decision and you have to be extra careful and alert at the time of buying a new home because you can’t afford any mistake in this process. If you are not very sure with your decision or taking house for the first time it’s better to seek help from a real estate agent. As they are more experienced and they can save you from a lot of hassle. Some factors below are an important part of planning to purchase your house.

Following are the steps of buying a house that should be keeping in mind at priority.

Payment Plan and Money Matters

Money is one of the most important factor when it comes to buying a home. It is the foundation factor while buying the house. If you don’t have enough money you can’t buy a new house. You have to be fully aware of the worth and the amount you have. If you have less amount and the house you have selected for you cost more, you will have only two options either leave it or arrange full amount. So, you should always make sure that taking a home is never easy and having a specific amount saved for your new home is always better than taking loans. Dreams do come true but they take time so don’t rush in buying a new home. Save and earn enough to get one.

Location and Area

One of the priorities while buying a home in 2020 that you should be considering. Keeping in mind that you have easy access to places like schools, mosques, grocery stores, parks, hospitals. Your house location should be favorable to you. Every facility should be near you so that you don’t have to drive long to drop children to school or for taking grocery. Traffic is another important aspect while selecting a location. To avoid extra traffic loads make sure to take a house which doesn’t have enough traffic. This will help you to save your time.

Infrastructure and Key Factors

Make sure that the place you intend to take has a very good infrastructure. You need to make sure and find out that the location is well constructed or not. Is it secure enough to purchase or not?  The road ways are constructed well or they are not safe? Is the water supply sufficient? The area has other facilities like telephone, street lighting and internet. All of these factors are linked with each other so make sure that you choose a house which has all these basic facilities available.

Types of House

Type of the house you want totally depends on your needs and number of family members along with the preferences. You have a variety of options available like bungalows, mansions, condos, apartments and others. Your choice totally depends on your needs and lifestyle you have, the way you want to live. Design also plays a role in the interior and exterior look of the house. You should always choose the design which you like and which is well designed and looks attractive and looks amazing in the first look. Factors which have a significant role in a house design are landscaping, size, material used and colors. All these elements play a role in the outlook of the house.

Condition of the House

If you are constructing your house on your own then you would be well aware of what is the material and quality of the products used. If you are buying a house which was already in use by somebody make sure to see everything with open eyes, location, and the interior construction of the house, make sure there is no damage or leakage, flooring and kitchen cabinets are perfectly good. If you bought any used house without considering these factors in your mind. It will be your loss and you will exceed your set budget because then you have to do renovations as well.


Buying a new property is a human necessity as we all need space where you can live freely without any restrictions. Buying a home is never an easy task but if you have planned to take a new house or you are thinking of taking one make sure to consider the most important factors which are told above. Maybe you may not get another chance to buy a home again, so pick a house which fulfills all your needs and gives you a sense of satisfaction and becomes a way of happiness to your family. At the end that is what you need family and personal happiness along with satisfaction.

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Most Popular and Secure Apartment Buildings in Lahore


Apartment Buildings in Lahore has a segment and its demand is increasing because the population is swelling. Lahore is a city which has considerable historical importance, one of the reasons why Lahore is one of the most important cities of Pakistan is because it is referred as an ancient city which has a background of old age architectural buildings. It is also known as the city which has survived through different eras and ages. As Lahore is an ancient city but this does not mean that it is only old constructed or has only outdated buildings. The truth is that Lahore has been upgraded not only in infrastructure but also in lifestyles and cultural heritage of Pakistan. Today Lahore have high buildings as well as apartments that are constructed and maintained as per latest designs and technology.


Today’s Lahore

Lahore has expended a lot in the past few years, horizontally mostly. Lack of space is an issue which people face and Lahore is getting expanded. The new buildings constructed in Lahore are mostly in apartment format these days. We will discuss and bring out the most secure and popular apartment buildings in Lahore.


Top 5 Apartment Buildings in Lahore

Top 5 most secure and popular apartment buildings in Lahore are at:

  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA)
  • Bahira Town
  • Askari Apartments
  • Johar Town
  • Model Town

Above is the list of areas of Lahore where the preference is quality of life and security of every individual.

Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

DHA Lahore is “nationally recognized corporate” organization that has always provided and enhanced the lifestyle of living. Along with not only innovative models of modern living but also with security and safety of life is the preference.

The main emphasis is to remain on building communities with freedom of everything. No socio-cultural, traditional or religious differences and try to make the urban dwellings environment and people friendly. 

Bahria Town


Bahria Town Lahore is an area which not only promotes and invests in greenery but also in a quality lifestyle and excess of every availability in the range. Not only this but also have a great security system because life of every individual matters. Health facilities and entertainment along with residential areas also add value to the lifestyle adopted in Bahira Town. Bahira Town is one of the most progressive area of Lahore.


Luxury Apartment Building in Askari


Askari apartments is a residential community located in Lahore, it was founded with the trust and foundation of providing the quality and high standard living, where everything would be accessible to everyone. Along with healthcare, parks, entertainment, schools and providing security which can protect all of the above areas along with the residential area of Askari apartments.

Johar Town


Johar Town is in the top five residential areas of Lahore that shows that the quality of life would be much better than other areas in Lahore. Also live style and living standards are very much improvised along with the construction done in Johar Town. It is for sure that all the developing houses or commercial buildings are constructed according to new trends and materials considering the comfort of the people living in Johar town already. Not only this but also providing all the basic necessities like schools, hospitals, parks and other entertainment is also available for the people living in.


Model Town

It represent the exact and accurate model of how people should live or are living in model town. Having all the basic and advance necessities in affordable range. Along with residential area which have all the basic or even all the emergency areas life hospitals or fire brigade. The life of people matter a lot and that is the reason why security is so good and standards of life is better in model town. Keeping in mind the comfort and quality of living for the residents of model town.


As a human we are always striving to make our life standards and life styles better then where we are today. Your housing and area in which you live have an impact on you so whenever choosing or thinking about changing a house just keep your priorities in mind and go for the best option available. Settling for less is not an option for you. To choose best apartment building in Lahore, book your appointment with one of our dedicated expert.

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Common Terms and Conditions for Rental Lease Agreement


Rental lease agreement is a legal commitment between the owner of the property and tenant who wants to live in that property on a temporary basis. The agreement classifies the parties, the time duration of rental, the property, rent for that specific term. There is normally a written contract between the owner and renter which tells about the terms and conditions on which a rental is allowed to live in that specific property. Those terms are the must rules to be followed by a renter.

Lease Agreement

Lease agreement is a contract between the owner and a renter that indicates how much a tenant will pay for the rent and what will be the duration. Lease agreement helps the Landlord and tenant to avoid useless arguments, disagreements or expenditures during the lease or after it is over. The contract is mutually signed by both parties and amendment can be done in the contract when it is being written. Once it is written and signed by both parties they have to follow it for the duration which is mentioned in the lease agreement. It gives the opportunity to landlord and renter both to discuss and understand and agree on mutual areas before the contract is being signed.

Landlord Rights

  • The landlord should be paid on time.
  • There should be no harm to his property.
  • Landlord has the right to terminate the contract if terms and conditions are not followed by the renter.


Property Tax Responsibility

According to the property Laws of Pakistan it is the responsibility of the owner to pay the property tax of that area because the renter is not living permanently in his property as well as he earns from his property. So, the property tax is the responsibility of the owner of the property.

How Rent is Fixed

It depends on owner how much rent he want to take but certain terms are considered:

  • The area in which the property is located
  • Condition of the property which is given on rent
  • The rent price which is generally followed by that area
  • The area building or apartment have consumed
  • Facilities in the surroundings

These are some points which increase and decrease the worth of property as well as rent.

Property Damage and Repairs if Needed

No one wants to live in an area or place which is damaged. If any damage occurs to the property the landlord is responsible for the repair of damage if it is damaged externally. Like any leakage. If the damage is done by the renter inside the building, they are responsible because they have damaged someone else property.

Rights of the Renter

Not only owner but renter also have some rights which are:

  • The house should be in usable condition
  • All the basic utilities should be available in the house
  • There should be no leakage or anything which can harm the renter


At the end of all the process, one final step before signing your tenant agreement is to tour the apartment with your property manager You have to check for any current damage or conditions that could impact the return of your security deposit. These items should get added to the lease as pre-existing conditions. Sign you document before reading it carefully that it should include all the terms and conditions, on which both the parties are agreed upon, along with your lease to validate the information. Your property manager will sign it, as well.

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Basic Things You Need to Know About House Renovation


If you are planning about house renovation then you came at the right place to for a complete guide for your brainstorming. As humans you all want to improve your lifestyle and try to upgrade everything around our surroundings. House renovation is among those. It is needed to improve the interior or exterior of your house. You are always concerned about your things as it is human nature, the same way your home is where you live and spend time with your loved ones. To gain and maintain your internal satisfaction house renovation is also very important after a certain period of time.

Know Your End Goal

It is very important that you should be fully aware of what you are doing from where you will start the home renovation, which areas need to be renovated first and what would be the end result or what result or look you want to see after the renovation is completed.

Renovation Planning and Budget

If planning a house reconstruction one of the most important aspects is to plan your budget and see what you can do and what not. If the budget is not set or limited you may face financial problems in the middle of renovation and then you have no way out. Prefer quality over quantity.

Set Target and Deadline

Always prioritize your time and set a deadline for everything even for house renovation project you can’t spend your whole life in house renovation. Setting and having deadlines is very important to accomplish your goals.

Research and Know Your Limits

Research is very important when you are doing something or planning to start something. You should do market research, quality research and try to find things which you need in minimum money and full of quality. No one will set your limits. It’s up to you how you set your priorities and take them along with you because no one knows this better than you.

Routine Change and Safety of Family

Renovation is never easy. Your set routine is always disturbed because there are people working in your house and it’s not very comfortable. It has some consequences and safety of family is a must. You should be extra careful if there are small children at your house and protect them from nails and all the dangerous tools they might hurt themselves.

Things Required and Placement

Arranging and putting all the required things in your range before starting the work is always helpful. If you need anything in the middle of the work it would be easy for you to get it if placed near you. Otherwise you have to leave your work and look for the tool which you need and this is not convenient.

Plan Ahead


It is important to plan ahead and make sure to be fully aware of what you need before the renovation starts for example if renovation is needed by the plumber and water is not available for some time in a day , you should have stored water already so that if you need it you can use it.

Plan A Clean Up After Renovation

Cleaning the area after it is being renovated is important. Cleaning helps to remove all the unwanted waste and remove the dust so that area is ready to be reused by all of you.

Be Aware of the Weather Conditions

Weather change is a natural phenomenon and is not in our control so before starting or planning any renovation, make sure to choose pleasant weather for renovation. Snowing is not favorable weather for renovation.

Know you’re Area and Tools Required

You should be aware of what area you are choosing and what is required to do house remodeling of that area. Make a list and have all the necessary things and tools required for it before the renovation starts. This will save time.


Hard work is required to achieve anything in life. Renovation of a house also needs a lot of attention and awareness of how things need to be done. It’s always helpful to plan ahead. This will save your time and also if you miss something you will have a chance to improve it.

Getting satisfied is not easy but if your planning is good you can be satisfied also because you know that you have done your part honestly.

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10 Things You Should Store in Your Household Items


Household Items are as essential as any other basic need required to run a house successfully. These items make our life easy as well as they are user friendly. Starting from Fridge to vacuum cleaner and our utensils. Each item plays an important role in adding comfort and ease to our life.


Essential Items Used In Every House

It’s not easy to run a house. We need a lot of items which are required for our smooth lifestyles. These things can be small but sometimes play an important role in our life. For example a screw driver may not be needed every day but is essential if we need to fix anything. You cannot fix the screws without a screwdriver. In our daily life nothing is small or big infect each item has its own usage. We cannot judge anything by its size. Normally small items have big roles to play. Like a needle it is so tiny in size but you still need it at home as household stuff because you know a needle is required to stitch any fabric which is turned. Sometimes it’s hard to categorize that which household items are more important and which are less important.


Essential Household Items in Kitchen

Bathroom items are also very much important. You need a toothpaste for brushing your teeth although it’s not so big in size but has an important role in your life. You start your day with its usage. Towels, soap, shampoo, all these are as important as any other big item like Television is important in a house. Maybe we are so used to it that now it’s hard to imagine our life without all the basic and essential items of the household things.


Why Household Items Are Important

With the passage of time human beings have created or invented things which they thought will help them to lead a successful and comfortable life without any issue. Just imagine if someone had not invented the stove we would still be cooking on mud stoves and using wood sticks for the fire. Need of anything or improvement in lifestyle are two basic causes of change in anything. With the time new inventions and technology improvement was made which have helped the humans to be there where we are today. Household Items are always created and will be created for the comfort of humans. It was not easy to clean the carpet with a broom. People realized and invented a vacuum cleaner for the perfect cleanliness of the carpet.


Household thing benefits

Some of the benefits or advantages are:

  • Makes life easy
  • Friendly use
  • Accessible
  • Pocket friendly mostly


Some disadvantages of household items

Disadvantages include:

  • Electronics are not pocket friendly mostly
  • They have made humans lazy.
  • We can’t survive without them now as we are so used to them now.



Household items have become just like basic needs for life. We are so used to them that our survival is hard without them. Humans have become so dependent on these items now. It’s good that they have made life easy but it has played a major role in making humans lazy. Excess of everything is bad in the same way depending on household items especially electronics is also bad. Be sure to use them wisely and handle them with care because they can be dangerous too at times.