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Most Popular and Secure Apartment Buildings in Lahore


Apartment Buildings in Lahore has a segment and its demand is increasing because the population is swelling. Lahore is a city which has considerable historical importance, one of the reasons why Lahore is one of the most important cities of Pakistan is because it is referred as an ancient city which has a background of old age architectural buildings. It is also known as the city which has survived through different eras and ages. As Lahore is an ancient city but this does not mean that it is only old constructed or has only outdated buildings. The truth is that Lahore has been upgraded not only in infrastructure but also in lifestyles and cultural heritage of Pakistan. Today Lahore have high buildings as well as apartments that are constructed and maintained as per latest designs and technology.


Today’s Lahore

Lahore has expended a lot in the past few years, horizontally mostly. Lack of space is an issue which people face and Lahore is getting expanded. The new buildings constructed in Lahore are mostly in apartment format these days. We will discuss and bring out the most secure and popular apartment buildings in Lahore.


Top 5 Apartment Buildings in Lahore

Top 5 most secure and popular apartment buildings in Lahore are at:

  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA)
  • Bahira Town
  • Askari Apartments
  • Johar Town
  • Model Town

Above is the list of areas of Lahore where the preference is quality of life and security of every individual.

Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

DHA Lahore is “nationally recognized corporate” organization that has always provided and enhanced the lifestyle of living. Along with not only innovative models of modern living but also with security and safety of life is the preference.

The main emphasis is to remain on building communities with freedom of everything. No socio-cultural, traditional or religious differences and try to make the urban dwellings environment and people friendly. 

Bahria Town


Bahria Town Lahore is an area which not only promotes and invests in greenery but also in a quality lifestyle and excess of every availability in the range. Not only this but also have a great security system because life of every individual matters. Health facilities and entertainment along with residential areas also add value to the lifestyle adopted in Bahira Town. Bahira Town is one of the most progressive area of Lahore.


Luxury Apartment Building in Askari


Askari apartments is a residential community located in Lahore, it was founded with the trust and foundation of providing the quality and high standard living, where everything would be accessible to everyone. Along with healthcare, parks, entertainment, schools and providing security which can protect all of the above areas along with the residential area of Askari apartments.

Johar Town


Johar Town is in the top five residential areas of Lahore that shows that the quality of life would be much better than other areas in Lahore. Also live style and living standards are very much improvised along with the construction done in Johar Town. It is for sure that all the developing houses or commercial buildings are constructed according to new trends and materials considering the comfort of the people living in Johar town already. Not only this but also providing all the basic necessities like schools, hospitals, parks and other entertainment is also available for the people living in.


Model Town

It represent the exact and accurate model of how people should live or are living in model town. Having all the basic and advance necessities in affordable range. Along with residential area which have all the basic or even all the emergency areas life hospitals or fire brigade. The life of people matter a lot and that is the reason why security is so good and standards of life is better in model town. Keeping in mind the comfort and quality of living for the residents of model town.


As a human we are always striving to make our life standards and life styles better then where we are today. Your housing and area in which you live have an impact on you so whenever choosing or thinking about changing a house just keep your priorities in mind and go for the best option available. Settling for less is not an option for you. To choose best apartment building in Lahore, book your appointment with one of our dedicated expert.

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