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Best Ways to Find Houses for Rent in Lahore

Houses for Rent in Lahore

Finding houses for rent in Lahore or an apartment in your price range without help is possible, but you need to do your homework. Technology makes it easy, letting you search online.

If you’re looking for an apartment as a property for investments, sites like Estate Circle make it easy, letting you browse properties available for purchase and make an offer–all from the comfort of your couch.

Finding an affordable apartment is a challenging process, but online tools help you get a better sense of what’s available. By narrowing your search based on your needs, you can find the perfect apartment within your budget.

There are many different ways you can look for an apartment or house to rent in Lahore. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Rental Websites
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. Classified Ads in the Newspaper
  4. Word of Mouth
  5. Reference from Friends and Family

Rental Websites

You can advertise or find an apartment for rent at numerous sites online, and many of them are free. Some websites allow tenants to narrow their searches based on area, price, and the number of bedrooms and baths. Others offer some nice perks for landlords. It will help you find your requirements according to your area for instance you can specifically search about the houses for rent in DHA Lahore.

Some great places to advertise a vacancy include:


Estate Circle is an authorized real estate brokerage services company in Lahore, since 2012 that ensures your buying and selling journey safe and accessible. They help in searching for a perfect match that best meets the needs. They manage to become Lahore’s one of the leading online destinations for property consumers to search for properties across Pakistan. is part of Estate circle The Real Estate Professionals and builders, a privately held company having a handful pool of well-respected investors. is the digital real estate solution enlisting commercial and residential properties for sale and rent and connecting the sellers of properties to the buyers. If you are looking for a property for sale or rent, this is the right platform for you. It aspires to bring together all the stakeholders of real-estate to recognize, channelize, utilize and ultimately take full benefit of their potential. They have designed themselves in a way to become a global company with its strong presence in indigenous local markets around the world. is the first and largest property portal in Pakistan and is among the top five property portals in the world. It was founded in 2006 and has since revolutionized the real estate industry of Pakistan by connecting buyers and sellers online in a highly convenient way, making it a household name among Pakistanis around the world. With over 550,000 new listings each month, and over 5.5 million monthly users, it is the pioneering property portal of Pakistan, with more than 15,000 agencies registered.

They are a property portal that aims to take Pakistani real estate to another level of excellence. The internet has revolutionized almost every sector, and real estate should be no different. So, they directly connect buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords to make the whole property process as simple as possible. Whatever your property buying or selling requirements are, they give you a large number of options to cater to them. is a brand-new cutting-edge real-estate marketing platform, providing solutions for your residential needs. The digital site of offers a competitive, smart and flexible alternative for listings, search, marketing and connectivity of your property requirements. Their beneficiaries include individual consumers, real-estate agents and project developers. The team is a group of seasoned professionals in Pakistan, and abroad who have been part of multi-billion large scale digital & high-tech businesses at the global level.

Social Media Platforms

Millions of people use social media sites as a matter of daily routine. Create a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a Twitter account for your company if you have one. Otherwise, use your personal accounts to let people know you have a property for rent. If you are finding a house for rent, you can join existing groups on social media platforms where an exact audience is searching for the same purpose.

You can list your property on Facebook or Instagram groups, post a status update on your account, post a photo of the rental on Instagram, or send out a tweet to your followers via Twitter.

Classified Ads in the Newspaper

The newspaper can still be a viable option for advertising your rental, depending on the area of the country where your property is located or you can find a new home from these ads. You’ll want to advertise your vacancy on weekends, and on Sundays in particular. This is when newspapers see the most traffic.

Rental ads in newspapers are tiny, so you’ll only have a few lines to make your property stand out. Use abbreviations for words like bedroom (BR) and washer/dryer (W/D) to save space.

Classified ad placing in the newspaper will cost a little, but it’s a good way to increase exposure for your property.

Word of Mouth

Don’t underestimate the power of the spoken word. Let current tenants know that you have a vacancy. They might have a sister, cousin, or brother who’s looking for a place to live. If you are already living in an apartment you can ask for advice from your neighbors and they can also refer to the best place for your living.

Tell everyone you know that you have a property for rent. Always have flyers with you so you can hand them out if the opportunity presents itself. You can even offer a referral fee to give a greater incentive.

Reference from Friends and Family

In search of your new house, you can share the thoughts if you want to move into the new house. There might be a probability that they can refer or set a meeting with an exact person who is dealing in property. It is always observed that family members and friends help you a lot in such situations.

In a Nutshell

The best way is actually the old school way. Drive around your target neighborhoods and look for ‘rent’ signs. There are many reasons to do this, but the first is a lot of property owners deliberately do not post for rent listings on the internet because they only want to attract locals. This happens a lot in our communities – you won’t even know a place exists unless you see it with your own eyes.

Since Lahore is a metropolitan city and has such a high demand of properties for rent in Lahore, a lot of times online advertising is not even necessary. Another reason is that pictures on the internet of for rent places are usually only one or two at best and can be misleading. A lot of pictures show the place before it was leased out (empty) but is now tenant-occupied. If you need a place right away and it looks empty online, it might not be if you drive by and see cars in the driveway. So better to visit personally or use an authentic source website by contacting Estate Circle.