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Top 10 Pakistani Real Estate Tycoons

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Pakistan has many big names zealous to the real estate industry. Real estate is an industry where we can easily find nearly every top businessman in Pakistan. We have accumulated a list of top 10 Pakistani real estate entrepreneurs by evaluating the amount of investment, expansion of their empires, and credibility .Pakistani Real Estate Tycoons

  1. Bayram D. Avari

Bayram D. Avari is the CEO of Avari group of companies that possess multiple 5-star hotels in two big cities of Pakistan (Lahore and Karachi) like Avari towers. He owns various properties in Pakistan, UAE, and Canada. Karachi based businessman Bayram is the leading real estate entrepreneur of Pakistan who is tangled in hotel businesses.

  1. Saad Nazir

Saad Nazir, the owner of the Blue group of companies, is astonishingly at number 9 on our list. A young entrepreneur with experience in building Center Park Lahore, PIA co-operative society, and Blue Sapphire tossed a new project named Blue World City. The project is still in the process of development, but it has gained enough triumph for the developer to become one of Pakistan’s leading real estate tycoons. The federal government has also signed an accord with BWC for developing a housing society under the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.”

  1. Salman Iqbal 

Salman Iqbal, the ARY Group CEO, has recently joined the real estate business with a colossal amount of speculation. ARY is a leading media group of Pakistan, which is now escalating its horizon in other sectors such as jewelry, cricket, and real estate. In partnership with DHA, Salman Iqbal launched ARY Laguna, Pakistan’s first artificial beach with resorts and the tallest building in South Asia. The massive investment by the owner of ARY puts him at number 8 on our list.

  1. Nasir Schon

Schon properties is a Pakistani-based UAE firm working on multiple international projects from Dubai to Singapore. Unfortunately, Schon properties are not developing any project in Pakistan right now. Karachi-based entrepreneur Nasir Schon with his brother Tahir Schon ended their ventures in Pakistan during the mid-1990s, which puts them at number 7 in our ranking.

  1. Noor Alam Khan

Politician and landlord Noor Alam Khan from Peshawar has often accomplished the title of the highest tax-paying parliamentarian. His core assets include acres of agricultural land and multiple commercial properties around Pakistan. News of his joint venture with Bahria Town Peshawar is also taking rounds. His sundry property empire is so big that it gave him the 6th slot in our list.

  1. Mian Mansha

Mian Mansha is a Faisalabad-base well-known business mogul whose empire is growing day by day. Mian Mansha, the CEO of Nishat group, is the highest taxpayer of Pakistan and is the wealthiest Pakistani. His businesses span almost every sector, from banking to textile industries and agriculture to real estate. Moreover, he is also working in the power sector and owns multiple Independent powerhouses. Lahore-based Nishat Real Estates Development Company Pvt. Limited is the banner under which Mian Mansha works in the Real estate sector. The company operates in the domains of construction and development.

  1. Asif Ali Zardari

Former president of Pakistan, PPPP’s chairman Asif Ali Zardari owns acres of agricultural land in Sindh, an empire of commercial properties and dozens of houses all around Pakistan. Which makes him a real landlord. Moreover, buzzes take rounds that PPPP’s chief is also a key investor of Malik Riaz (CEO of Bahria Town) in most of his projects. According to the declared assists, Asif Zardari possesses more land than any other Pakistani, which puts him at number 4 on our list.

  1. Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani, CEO of Hashoo Group, is a business magnate. The proprietor of Peral-continental hotels and resorts, Marriot Hotel, and many other commercial properties. Hashwani continually invests in real estate; currently, Hashoo group has launched a housing society for farmhouses & resorts in Margalla hills almost 20km away from Pir Sohaha (hill destination). Hashoo group always brings some innovative plans of investment in the real estate sector. His relentless ventures in real estate give him the third position on our list.

  1. Rafiq M. Habib

Rafiq M. Habib, CEO of Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited is the former head of the house of Habib. A leading Pakistani Real Estate Tycoons spent decades in the construction industry and developed Bahria Town, DHA, and many mega projects like the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro project. Mr. Rafiq now turned their focus towards launching its real estate housing schemes. Capital smart city and Lahore smart city are the first two projects Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited has launched. The pace and quality of development work show the experience of decades.

  1. Malik Riaz

The founder of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain Pakistani Real Estate Tycoons, is considered the top real estate kingpin in Pakistan. Bahria town is a substantial real estate development company in Asia. He initiated his real estate career as a contractor and developed a gated community housing scheme for the Pakistan navy’s Bahria foundation. Malik Riaz is now a brand in the real estate industry; his name attracts investors and investments. He sweated and delivered an international standard town, a model housing society with all the luxuries, and won investors’ trust. Bahria town has become a popular check; the public compares different projects with Bahria town and concludes its development level. For bringing a model of development in the real estate industry of Pakistan, Malik Riaz secured his first place.


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